Hours of Operation Open at 5:30 or 30 minutes prior to first game on the weekends
(Hours Subject to Change)

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Below you will find all current league information.  If you have any questions please feel free to call or contact us here.

Wave SPRING – Tuesday Coed REC 6sWave Beach Bar3 / 166s03/28/2023Signup
Wave SPRING – Wednesday Coed INT 6sWave Beach Bar1 / 186s03/29/2023Signup
Wave SPRING – Wednesday Coed REC 6sWave Beach Bar3 / 186s03/29/2023Signup
Wave SPRING – Thursday Coed INT 6sWave Beach Bar0 / 86s03/30/2023Signup
Wave SPRING – Thursday Coed REC 6sWave Beach Bar1 / 226s03/30/2023Signup
Wave SPRING – Thursday Power 4sWave Beach Bar0 / 64s03/30/2023Signup
Wave SPRING – Sunday Coed INT 6sWave Beach Bar0 / 166s04/16/2023Signup
Wave SPRING – Sunday Coed REC 6sWave Beach Bar0 / 166s04/16/2023Signup